The Divine Order of Babylon Lyrics

A new era dawns in the hour of ruin the collapse of empires
The eclipse of civilization
A bitter wind sweeps the spectral remains of a barren world
From the ashen debris emerges a shapeless entity the anointed one
Cloaked in garments unearthly, a nebulous aura the symbolic figure
Amorphous in semblance, demigod in flesh
An arrogant being of magnificent countenance
Temples of false council erected in praise
Seeding the contrivance of this upheaval
The esoteric conception of the divine order of Babylon
Serving the monarchy through magistrates p***s of the priestcraft
Appointed as conduits to the almighty implementing admonitory rituals
Viciously inculcating the apocryphal parable suffusing the paradigm
Manipulating belief through fear
The shepherd and flock are one
Infinitesimal turning of the slowest spheres
It begins, the second death of souls.
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