Ere the Dark Sovereign Lyrics

Conceived in Abyssal Regions
Enormous b****** figures populate the landscape
Breeding in pitch darkness
Genus endemic to the catacombs of the underworld
utterly void of sensation
asexual process of autoreplication
spawns voracious organisms of heterogeneous forms
isogenic edentulous creatures secrete
gaseous exotoxins, vaporizing and absorbing
through glandular osmosis
sustaining a sinuous structure beyond evolutionary perfection
roaming as gaunt shadows
osteoids develop mimetic ambient configurations
concealed amongst the cavernous substructure
feeding in throngs
variants subsist on discarded remnants of
the seldom edible waste of demonic skin
primeval phantoms of the nether world feast upon
rougue underlings, those of little command
unrivaled by lesser abominations
nevertheless, the darkening engergy looms
forshadowing numerous broods
still, many shall hence forth remain unvanquished
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