Descending Into Extinction Lyrics

Perverted breed of insignificant beings
Vile hordes of the self indulgent
Gluttonous, languid, and destructive
This lecherous race has been made obsolete
Extracted of purpose
Inherent apathy
Humanity defiled
Slowly descending into...
The end of civilization
The demise of mankind
Immense subversion of revelations unknown
The human race becomes undone
Dismal fear of the inferior
Life will cease to be
Into extinction
Slowly descending into...
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Desecrate the Vile (2007)
Fixation on Suffering Subject to Infliction Descending Into Extinction Impulsive Dismemberment Servants of Derangement Habitual Depravity Chapter of Defilement Mutilating the Inferior Internally Devoured Amputated Repugnance