Forged Within Lecherous Offerings Lyrics

Swept amongst ruinous cyclones
thrust into the hurtling smog of indecency
a whirling gust of molestation
l*** and betrayal
wings are born upon these shadowed souls
their chants and sorrows can be heard
uttering lamentations
moans and blasphemies divined
forged within lecherous offerings
these souls traverse upon the sky tearing through the astral stratum restless with fury
drawing immensity from the abounding souls
impenetrable devastating intensity
mangles constantly the obscured mass
the external form engulfed entirely
in the veil of tribulation
stretching an endless formation
ominously coiling
a spiraling cloud of resounding anguish
destructive cyclonic force of infernal rage
crippling creatures of sordid deeds
these carnal sinners are tormented
by reason of desire
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