Servants of Derangement Lyrics

Divine text, sacred fabrication
Baptized in iniquity
Shrouded by false immaculacy
Fictitious deities remain unseen
Salvation begotten by ignorance
Redemption through lunacy
Ill-conceived repentance upon
Hallowed grounds
Manifestation of duplicity
Induced by consumptive delusion
Feeble disposition, distorted rite
Ritualistic deprival of consciousness
Absolute embodiment of dementia
Infatuation with the obscure
Revelations of the perverse
Silence the preachers of filth
Renounce to the disciples of deceit
Deny the servants of derangement
Atonement shall not be had
Followers fester with their prayers
As the righteous bathe in blood
Prophecies inverted upon the prophet
The end is near
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Desecrate the Vile (2007)
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