Baptismal Incineration Upon Simonists Lyrics

In this hidden world of d***ation
The crevasse of sacrilege in which the simonists remain
observe this perversion of baptism
mockery of a sacred blessing
with sacraments of infernal pain
stretching over this desolate field
millions lay buried in darkness
sinners thrust head first into the fissures of infinite induction
quivering, shaking,protruding limbs searing
blessed of the fire and oil
overwhelming torture, drawn beyond the unknown
Baptismal incineration upon simonists
reconcilement of impenitence
pastors of holy faith placed in high ranks
praised in gods name
prophets inserting fear of false prophecies
manipulation of holy power bestowed
to fulfill a covetous desire
high priests and bishops doomed to decay
as inmates of this evil land for all eternity
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