Realms of the Ungodly Lyrics

Scores of enfeebled souls through the abyss descend
angels of the lord skin the color of ash
scourged from heaven,
Perpetually plummeting into the blackness of the deepest chasms
never again to return to light
in droves they grovel
obsequiously kneeling at the throne
subjugated by temptation
enticed by boundless supremacy
ignominious pupils of divinity adorned with
crowns in adoration of sacrilege most high
endowed with immeasurable power
the choir of anguish begin recitation of decrees
unholy proclamations strike the air
summoning the onset of their sovereignty over
the kingdom of eternal darkness
realms of the ungodly
the dominion from which no human soul has ever won salvation
held forth
saturating the forgotten recesses of every passage
piercing sound beyond sound
pervading the very blinking of an eye to the
infinitesimal turning of the slowest spheres
it begins, the second death of souls
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