Impulsive Dismemberment Lyrics

Menial nature
Disgraceful and weak
You shall come to know misery
A new plane of affliction
Influx of physical suffering caused by
Impulsive dismemberment
Vocal cords torn out silencing the
Useless limbs bludgeoned immobilizing
The destitute vertebrae detached
Paralyzing the despised
Wounds cauterized to prolong suffering
Innards exposed then disposed
Head disjoined from the body
Skull smashed to pieces
A lifeless figure lay dismembered
My will now imposed
I begin tedious anatomization
Dissecting what remains of this abhorrent mass
A self-indulgent necropsy
Continuous amputation, vicious abolition
Eliminating the feeble through hatred
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Desecrate the Vile (2007)
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