Fixation on Suffering Lyrics

Impale the treacherous, manipulative filth
Abstract that which holds no purpose
Befoul these disgusting entities
Indulge in nefarious debauchery
Puncture the abdomen splay the organs
Skewer the head then decapitate
Excoriate the corpse entirely
Obtaining gratification by inducing demise
Obbsessed with mutilation
(Fixation on Suffering)
Heaps of defiled cadavers, piled and waiting
Further degradation
Without hesitation, crushing the remains
Smothering the disease in their own excretions
These decomposing masses become infected
I'm pregnated putridity, rotted and deformed
Sitting through the fetid mounds of formless bodies
Wallowing in decomposition
Edaciously bathing in what I have created
I shall devour all
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Desecrate the Vile (2007)
Fixation on Suffering Subject to Infliction Descending Into Extinction Impulsive Dismemberment Servants of Derangement Habitual Depravity Chapter of Defilement Mutilating the Inferior Internally Devoured Amputated Repugnance