Manipulated for Servitude Lyrics

Ruined souls of unspeakable sin
long exempt from every punishment
as they transcend mortality, these misbegotten
souls begin mutation
metaphysically transformed
entering monomorphic state
Grafted compressed and corrupted
unified in suffering
manipulated for servitude
melded within pillars shaped from mortal clay
amongst ageless clusters of great towers
eternal despair blind the wretched within
the very walls of their treachery
crudely affixed are the countless insignificant
creatures within these colossal structures
for in the absence of god the fallen shall bear the immeasurable weight of transgression
no dark prophecy could fortress the dismal fate
suspended in a permanent state of affliction
dark visions of ancient evil manifest within
the distorted mind of these stagnated souls
time is meaningless
torment is everlasting
suffering begets itself eternally, eternally
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