VIP in Paradise Lyrics

Six days. Fast.
I'm falling in a trap.
Of letting you down.
Six steps right.
Crucify my sight.
But you can't hide Way out.
Demons = contraception
A Dirty machine gives a life.
Erase / update your books
They're too old to lie.
Give me a sign
that you want me alive.
/I'm scared of Death
but I'm more scared to death
of Life. How can I then
raise a normal mind?
Multiply frustrations for
Send my message to the sky:
Didn't give birth seven times!
So, do I still have a chance
For VIP in a paradise?!
Where're my angel wings
to lift me up?
Where are my sacred powers?
I've tried and tried and tried!
To read the Manual.
But I didn't understand
How to make a remake
Of innocence.
How to reproduce
What I need (a holy seed).
Paradise citizens
Armed with a sinless touch.
I guess I failed, I'm just a Man.
Cancel my seat in paradise.
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