Blackmail Lyrics

I thought the pain was over
But then I got a letter from you.
It's not blue ...
It's much much darker
It's blackmail from the Leader.
The State is my pimp
Demands a lover
We'll marry not to pay the tax.
A Middle Ages fan
Supervised my bedroom.
Pull the curtains
He's watching from the mountain cross.
I wanted to stay alone
I wanted to die alone
I wanted to live alone!
But when I'm broke I make mistakes.
Sell your soul if you want to live!
I've got a call from the Leader
He has a problem with my breakfast!
What's next?!!!!!!
It's capitalism.
But the shopping bag
Is tight.
Just the color of his Party
OR the color of his god.
Lock the window!
Don't burn the eyes.
Before you check...
The expiry date of the
enlightenment light.
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