Son of tha c**ture Clash Lyrics

Sick 'n tired bein' pushed around
tagged around, c***ped 'n flacked around
know it sounds childish
wax girdle globe - still neglected
what is played and said people distracted
conservative alternative radio backed it
black radio takes it though no matter ones veto
a big question mark 'till it fades to go
Born, created, shaped in dilemma
fragments, segments from tha c**ture hammer
I stammer, so many times explain, define
line to line, rhyme to rhyme
educated fools tool a pen to push
my sounds examined - scepticism, boohs
fixated hated my crowd, heterogeneous
'cos heat flow from tha genius
An urban whisper gets a full pop scream
overrated while debated by tha pop scene
my music is a symbol of a jigsaw, see
can't help tha fact to be born in tha mid sixties

I'm just what I am, don't call me tha retro man
I'm tha son of tha c**ture clash
son of tha c**ture clash
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Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover (1991)