Comeback Lyrics

You wanna comeback, back with sum 'n old track
fakin' 'n takin' brouhaha with some old facts
who the jack you think you are, pop demand
blue suede shoes bin 'round tha bend 'n dome
through mainstream, pop, airwave, stratosphere
hemisphere, universe, galaxy, so what do you want "g"
oh you fiendin' for tha fees 'n tha mega g's
hey, why don't you say so instead of play so
boogie for meso, breakin' yo face yo
on screen you fiend, an eternal promo
pose go for money, what about tha honey
twice tha age and nice, ain't that funny
callin' me sunny, my nose don't bear snot
look what I got, handkerchief to stop
for tha wiggle 'n giggle, as a big old appears

pepsi c**e, c**e pepsi
all fake it for tha industry
status old, fossil joke
can't hide your face
behind tha smoke
what a drag to see an old bag
keep sweatin' 'n fakin'
for a comeback

With feel I'm neil, a flip my tongue like young
rhyme time for you, oldtimer get stung
by a kid, so strong, than you ever be
short circuit, some jerk it with peavey
rather take lesley, suits me fine
take a challenge
to renew with oldtimers time
throw my voice with poise in of course
no endorsement, it's all meant to get this in mind
Ain't all flak, to those who comeback
some slam no glam, peace to those cracks
b.b. king, some kings can still be
a fresh breeze to please, bend down knees
hallelujah, blessings to ya
music and b****, comin' through ya
through a decade of boredom pop
where the young play old, old refuse to drop.
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Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover (1991)