Careless Lyrics

Walkin' that music minefield, should know how it feels
like corkin' your b****
in nitroglycerine
I fiend on forms
that are explosive
I try to do my thing
'n get noticed
but this is the path
they have paved 'n
brothers avoid
the hard way 'n
dream of status, yeah dream on
never metamorphose those that you scheme on
for a plastic ambition you listen
to stay meek
try to play large ?
it's tha big dome who speaks
yo bogus on focus, consider you weak
my brain's steel, feels no metal fatigue
for men tensed about trends
hands dangle
to trap 'n slap
with a few percentage triangle

I did what
I do what I did
for tha rest
I don't care
I care less, stare as
some portray best
but I dare to match
with status square as
a dunkin' donut forever I hope
never to slop for pop
to get dipped 'n soaked
I cope with piles o' styles
obscurer than darkman
you pilin' some garbage
you must be aardvark man
awkward not worth to be heard
on part man
I'm tha monkey, smackin' donkeys
ego gets scarred, man
with sense, we trench, as industry
Hoax gigantic
blowed up fads, sink faster than t**anic
panic for promo, yo might miss
the plank or shelf
too d***-busy witty thinkin' 'bout ourself
bein' indie
givin' brothers some help
leavin' rumours, numerous
treat them like elfs
observin' boundaries, smashin' counterfeits
mega g's fee's-only to serve tha needs

As tha world turns
I have only one concern
hope my time ain't up
hope my time ain't up
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Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover (1991)