For the Plasters Lyrics

I got that nitty gritty feel again
from a five 'n ten mood
gotta invent a pep jam to make my spirit
feel good
the cause is an emptiness in my soul
I'm not peppy or happy, only feel the blues
but positivity plays the headrole
so I go for a blow 'n let the juice loose
I tired of clockin' a 'g' a month
a man's life deserves more than a handfull
a glitter
so I ask for rudeboy rem fund
but they tap my wrist, to stop me feelin' bitter
my dad said look for a nine to five
stay more than alive 'n keep your mind in shape
well, I hate to use one's back to strive
'n juke 'n jive 'n most of all the red tape
what have you gained what have you earned
what have you learned is the general comment (always !)
if a uds wax
ain't a critic's concern
and no cheques collect I should quit this band ?
the fire grows stronger than strong along
with a song, I pop
teach the ones who are wrong on the job, you slob
'n don't care if they're large or broke
d play back the jam where chuck d says
I got gusto, I got gusto
cause it's mr paul the only one
who got some party on plastic,
I should be the one with the cashflow
'n that's a pocket full o' plasters !
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Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover (1991)