Fast Lane Lyrics

Quest for the ducats and cheques
tired - of fixin' the ends together
better, better - climb the ladder
to the top, to the top, to the top
where big domes call the shots and budge
the status to super, and hold the grudge
goin' your way, the unfair play
obedience to what you say, hey
for your presence they stay, the hell away
a free doorway, things are okay
no matter what they say - that's only hearsay
they choke in the smoke, while you consume a j
stay ahead of the game, clock the dames
gain the fame, ready to tame
some feel the pain, some hail your name
ducks stay lame, while you're livin'
in the fastlane

Pedal to the metal - goin' fast, fast
ferrari-level - got the class, class
yes, cold clockin' cash 'n s**
while the mass hold hands up to catch
relax, no complaints, it's satisfaction
no red tape - 24 hour action
meet the bizniz - get the glitz
get the b., to unzip - the zips
trippin', trippin' cold egotrippin'
shattering pride - that's why they're flippin'
sippin' 40-s - how ya livin' -
value is given, while you're driven
in the fastlane
Everyday you're an excellency
breaking laws - no penalties
and if do - you supply the g-s
authorities make sure - they don't see
free from the burden of life
seek other ways to strive
with the scene - reach the untold
that you're bold - and it leaves you cold
they build up while you maul
'cos it's the dough you hold, so play
the headrole
break doors, open another store
let the green flow and pour
watch the score of dimes
same time the snow is snorted up your nose
a cigar, you're much too close
holdin' a pose, never grow old
a fast lane bro', livin'
in the fastlane
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