Mr. Ezway Lyrics

Mister easyway got nothing to say
mister easyway got nothing to say

Started as a unit, as ya knew it
four years ago
startin' from scratch
to catch 'n match while livin' low
never scooped or took some juice,
we had it so,
watch us move and prove,
now what's up bro'
we rolled so bold
some hands unfold
but financially we were left in tha cold
stage performance, kept men informed
if industry listened to what was told
we begged 'n asked to bounce some cheques
they suggest request
we best be pop
never seldom I told them
this demo just caught them
no need for money problems
demos cold rock
sayin' many prayers mostly done by rhyme-sayers
we kinda delayed a plan to wreck on wax
blessing in reserve, majors had no nerve
to serve, studio green with 24 tracks
Underdogged, underclassed, still lotta pizzaz
we wrecked and smacked through tha live circuit easy
my town was no town,
when it came to throwdown
no influence, only some allies pounds to please me
tha raps whiplashed
no compromise to that
all vocab to mass
needed wax as braille
never knew what went through tha mike to you
clocked tha record
you dug and thumbed ok
all chump comps never pumped
the way I pumped
still talk s***
when yo socalled establishment
but y'all socalled establishment,
for holdin' tha habits
'n lack greediness to give
to give an a** kiss
bein' rich wit', tha biz glitz, that kitsch
'n get twitched by tha stick
of mr. bigdome
call it even quit,
hearin', overseas hits
dazin' yo wits
plus deeper than your soul
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Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover (1991)