Duck Ska Lyrics

Have you seen tha ducks at motha goose's behind
well I saw 'em move over tha globe world wide
I snigger 'n giggle as you wiggle -stagger- shake
waver every step that you make
showin' feathers that are bound to fake
duck-off fliff playin' great but I need to raise
on a basis that ain't status to be baddest
but tha squarest is tha one who ain't darest and grab this
tha mother is other, than a great big follower
s*****in', catchin, cookies by rookies makes it hollower
to me mrs. goose got juice to lose
watch a ducklin', vacuum suckin', tha true muse
I'm kinda amused, confused, industry backs with cheques
ya figure me it's you true higgle-dy-piggle-dy whack
snack for tha bread and I have to add
till I come around, close tha bag from your mouth
- it's enough -
'n show off rhythm rhymes spread 'n spice stuff
eat a sandwich wrapper, burp 'n puff
for a digestin' stomach I fill a track
pickle 'n lettuce, let's just get to tha max
feelin' lax what is stacked but windy
mc's are remedies for foul to empty
here's tha rem for tha bowels with laxative
hyperactive, you germs neglect this
if you b*** 'n chew what you can't do, expect this
to be sissier than pink, softer than silk
definitely need to suck on yo mother's milk
Have you seen tha ducks at mother goose's behind
you seen tha ducks at mother goose's behind
you seen tha ducks at mother goose's behind
you seen tha ducks at mother goose's behind
Original, original, gotta be original
typical, hip to all, not like a popsicle
it's an exec, holdin' tha stick in tha middle
riddle, what's characteristic, for a pioneer
to be stopped 'n steered 'n interfered
next year a whole flock flups tha ears
stretchin' 'n bendin' a style like it's elastic
toy mc tha wax should be plastic
About ducks, you should know with heed kid
as they shuffle 'n scuffle, with duck's feet it's
tha delusion where tha eggs crack, there's tha path
waitin' to follow, every mother's back
cuddled by styles 'n tha leader's wing
till considered fullgrown to do their own thing
'n then we'll see
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Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover (1991)