Grand Black Citizen Lyrics

You were tha first
with thirst to be socalled
undisputed, undefeated killer machine
fear to all
one dare to call you absolute
like some black ever got a
chance to be an aristocratic citizen
fit him in nothin' to lose
lots to win
significant for tha globe place
games with tha skin
in fightin' trim
clashes on canvas
grins above chin
well that's my man
punchin' a comp before tha bell again

Grand black, grand black
know your times 'n deeds were universal
grand black, grand black
they tried to shove it away, that's why I cursed all

As tha feet shuffle
scuffle with ease 'n easy
comps got bruised
some outta tha blues
perpetrator he 'bet' ya grabbed tha money 'n stacked ya
a trophy of a tough 'g' bluffin'
tha master
all comps, got stomped, in a few rounds
causin' caucasian concussion, loss
'n bounced each ounce
a stain, a pain
to jack london's mind
a crime, a time
you couldn't find many
grand black citizens y'all
The key that will open the door
to the world - find it !

Quicker than tha grand
mega demand
taggin' tha past tense
imagine these fast hands
crestin' 'n danglin'
while a style bluffed 'n saw
fists flexin' 'n maxin'
crackin' tha jaws
style with smile
force was shown
tha haunted
it was his zone
y'all shoulda kicked
'n stepped back for dark badness
on his side
tha wife
that struck whole paris, yes
With a hook 'n a lotta flair
some honour
among these thieves
rain o' sweat
now they couldn't grasp
he swiped away things that grieved
could they ever understand
a sign o' affluence ? it was more that he achieved
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Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover (1991)