Running in Circles Lyrics

Once again... I thought it was all figured out, But I'm not so sure where I stand, And I'm loaded with doubt. I guess I couldn't be all that you want me to be. Well did things work out for you, did you get what you wanted? We're running in circles I gave you all and got half back half the time I know it couldn't be me... I can't believe, i can't believe We're running in circles And we're running, we're running right back again. g******it, I can't decide, is there room for another chance, Or is it just a waste of my time? I'm getting tired of these games we're f****** playing Can you make a commitment, can you make the commitment? Maybe this could work, but is it worth the shot? I'm not trying to break my f****** heart. How can I be sure that it wont' hurt again? How can I be sure that you are my friend.
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