No Reflection Left Lyrics

Could we put our heads together? Could you remember those three words? Three words that you cut short. Did you forget the idea, or what it's about? A dream is shattered when a fire is put out. So why do you look down on me? like you, I found a lot more things Unlike you, I kept my strength How could you look down on me? I held onto a lot of things unlike you, I'm still f****** straight! Did you think you'd escape With a chemical crutch? Well there's no escape in regression and all your friends have lost touch I can't even look at that the same Cause you act like we have changed Well take a look at yourself And tell me who's f****** changed... Look in the mirror, not even a reflection of what you used to be. Take a look at me, an example of what you could never see, And you'll never be. Influenced with time, Expanding your mind? You say you feel fine. You think you've matured, You've crashed and you've burned, burn You're stoned and can't see. no... reflection... left. Your distorted views have left you blind no... reflection... left. The mirrors are cracked from your lies one last time.
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