Glad You Came Lyrics

The sun goes down
The stars come out
And all that counts
Is here and now
My universe will never be the same
I'm glad you came
I think I just came.

On this beat
Had to go and get it in
Knock on your door
Baby come and let me in
I'm here to ride it out
So baby settle in
I'll be your remedy
Call me your medicine
That's right, your doctor
Here have a little sip of this vodka
And let's get to the physical part of
This examination, call me your proctor
So finish on time
s*** finish whenever you need
Turning you out, while you're turnin' me on
Better than ever you better believe
Yes, time to go for broke
Too much love, called an overdose
J Holiday put you to bed?
Then I'm gon' leave you comatose
Yeah take a walk with me
Lean with it and rock with me
Watch, you give me the rhythm
b**** I don't need no beat
'Cause I'ma go f*****' crazy
Go ahead let me off the leash
I'ma rip the sheets,
I'ma make ya scream
So hop on top it's time to strip for me
I'ma hit it from the back like a timpani
In my symphony
With no sympathy, you ain't in for me
You just wanna be a part of it
When these f*****' dudes make history

Let me feel you shake
Chills runnin' down your spine
See baby on this Eve
I'm here to blow your mind
I wanna show you things
You never thought you'd see
And I'll be your jungle gym
So climb on top of me
All you wanna do
Tellin' me your wildest dreams
But I don't wanna hear you talk
I just wanna hear you scream
Like a horror flick
It should stop now but I want more of it
And I don't know who's good or bad
But I want you bad I'm sure of it
Staying in bed for the whole day
She wave it at me like olé
We have that fire s**
So we stop, drop and we role play
And she dressed up while I'm messed up
Anytime you want it just text up
And I'll be there whenever you need me
But there's something' I wanna confess love
I'm glad you came
And baby I'm glad you came
'Cause I love it when you feel no pain
While I be numbin' ya body like novocain
So be easy, just lie back
And we gon' do it big like IMAX
On the edge of your seat,
So baby you better be getting ready for the climax

I'm in the club, like who's she?
She caught my stare, like who me?
Her name tag says Kristen
But across that a** say juicy
She sees the whip it got two seats
She dreamin' all about Gucci
And she lickin' me like a lollipop
Must be listening to that Tunechi
Lookin' like she like it rough
And swears she not a groupie
She a hostess baby that's the stuff
Now we kickin' it like Bruce Lee
She dove in, head first
Said I'm greatness like 2-3
Said she used to get those straight A's
Till' I gave her all that smooth D

(Chorus x2)
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