Means the Most Lyrics

Spending so much time letting go of the past Some distance has grown between some people I've known Those days moved by too fast I see the memories of those days, But they weren't always the best. My friends and I know our time is now, We'll put our friendship to the test. These times, these feelings our friendship. These are the things that mean the most! These times, these feelings, our friends man... I know these are the best years of our lives, and I won't forget The friends we've made and the kids we've met. And I know this is a time we won't ever forget! Five years down the line in time... it flies by but I won't cry I'll hold on to the past we've had, and the times we'll have. We've made it a point to make this work Not just another song we've sung. These times, these feelings, our friendship our lives have just begun these times Won't be pushed aside these feelings Won't be compromised our friendship We'll always have inside They say that good friends are hard to come by, And it's brought me down so many many times. But that won't ever hold us back from making these The best times that we've ever had! These times. These feelings, our friendship.
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