Tonight I Can't Say No Lyrics

Ask me for anything
Bought her a drink I said shorty can we talk
I took you for granted
d*** I thought this was a lock
I understand now you don"t like the way we"re living
So I"m here to tell you that we gonna do it a little different
I"m your yes man if you want it then I say yes ma"am
Don"t ask about it I"m telling you that I just can
No how much, no price tag, tell me that you like that
And lemme know what you have in mind my only question is which brand
In too deep, quick sand
I"ve been nothing but talk now it"s time to listen
Fact is I been caught up in the friction
But you see this girl"s quickly becoming my addiction
So I took her out the next day as soon as the check"s paid
It"s over now checkmate
It"s yes to whatever if you want it Don"t stress
Girl I just want you to know you got it cause I

Can"t look away, you-you-you you are the show
It"s getting late
But I-I-I- I"m not ready to go
So close right now
And I don"t want take it slow
So ask me for anything
Cause tonight I can"t say no
After I stood her up she sat me down
I said I"m sorry baby tell me what happens now
I messed up let me make it up to you
Shot me a look and said showing up is nothing new
Listen girl I"ll change I know I"m the one to blame
We used to bring that fire now I"m wearing down the flame
She got up and said you know it"s such a shame
I heard this all before all this talk It sound the same
Still I...

She walked away I don"t need that
Too Mic"d up for this feedback
Can"t you see that she"ll relapse she"ll be back
It"s whatever I don"t care about it anyway
I could always find somebody better any day
I need a couple drinks
Gather up the crew to go and find some trouble
Yeah that"s what we gonna do
And of course she there dancing on some fellas
God d***nn, this chick now how to make me jealous and I...


I told you I can"t say no
Tonight I can"t say no
Yeah cause tonight I can"t say no
You can ask me for anything and I tonight I can"t say no
You could ask me for everything cause tonight I can"t say no
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