Crashing to an End Lyrics

I never thought I'd find that day when I felt like I didn't give a f*** I've scraped the bottom, been down on my luck, Faced defeat, but I got up. Everything I had to give was never enough for you, Well I guess by now you know how it f****** feels... I'm not saying "I'm sorry" I guess I'm saying goodbye Looks like you got what you wanted, But you never knew why. Not sure what you wanted? You f****** made your choice so now you think I'm heartless Well you're the one who lied. So now we've found the time, And we're looking back, I hope you remember everything you f****** did. I thought I drew the line so many times, But every time it was you that crossed it You had the chance, the feeling is gone, You can't go back, you can't go back I heard everything comes crashing to an end, Well that's the story I never read You had the chance, And now the feeling is gone, You can't go back Cause I don't want you back.
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