On Our Way Lyrics

I can't believe we've come to another year. The faces aren't so familiar around here. I miss my friends, But it seems like we're always running out of time. I can see that it's really gotten us down. I know we live in such a boring town. So why? why? Why are we always running out of time? I know you haven't found anything better to do, But when I'm in town I can't find you. I've tried to pick up the phone, But you're never home. I'd give you my time if only I could find you. What else can we do when there's nothing left to do? The time has come, and we're headed on our way. We all still feel the same, and we're still f****** straight! How long will it be and how much will change? I know you'll have new things to do, But when I'm in town, I'll try to find you. I know it's not the end, but it's time to go, man... on our way.
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