True to the Game Lyrics

At age 13 turned fiend, dreamed nights Mcing, reciting Rapper's
Enticed by limelight, ambitious visions of vinyl 12 inches
Since Yellowman was king albino
Critiqued my form of speak
On breakbeats cut on 2 Technics in a basement on 210th street
House jams, parks, block parties, halls and armouries, foremost
Behind the ropes you only spoke if you was dope
Then formed crews, some rappers now retired
My desire required more than a quiet name on flyers
Inspired, remain for delf
Vowing to see the day my records on the shelf
Sold outta HMV and Tower, just how I dreamed
Recall hearing mom scream "Wake up!"
"Stay in school, take up classes, keep your grades up"
But straight up since my mind's been made up to do this
KCB son, ain't new to this I'm true to this

Stay true to the game
I'm out to get the fortune and fame

Time passed yet M.O. remains makin' demos
Though wished behind the windows of a limo
Sippin' champagne producers kicked game - expected
Label execs smirked at hard work, tapes rejected
Connected with Eli perfected
Mikey D and I wrecked it resurrected
Marked the return few expected
Picked up in '89, signed but slipped up
Charted, bigged up
Come to find royalty time, ain't see a dime
For promo shows, though exposed felt cheap
Kicked out the crib to the streets of Medina where I'd sleep
Starvin' regardless
Persist beyond exist to do this
Sons is clueless dun, ain't new to this I'm true to this
The script flips, '96 relationships consist of wisdoms
Wishin' I'd quit, insufficient funds
Silver tongues strung on drums, A1 yet still unsung
Adapt and overcome the aggravation of years ' and heads fakin'
jax sayin'
Is it worth the frustration?
It ain't payin' considerably
Lacking consistency, absentee in an industry
Exceeding MC's yet keep strivin' to maintain
Too late in the game to change direction
Sustain flexin' dialect tongue blessin' sessions
Progress in this profession, knowledge the lesson
Let it be known never forgettin'
This ain't no dream
Although it may seem like at times the mic's grabbed up on
True indeed, born to succeed
My mind is made up to do this
KCB son, ain't new to this I'm true to this
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