Doin' a Crime Lyrics

Action packed black Mac10, Junior & his friend
Not a pot to p*** in, starvin' brothers on a mission
Half past two, William planned to rob the toll booth GW bridge
Got the weapon concealed, nothin' to lose
They choose to break the rules at all cost
Stick 'em in Jersey, hit the other side to New York
Black and red leather suits and black biker boots
One got the gun, the other one controls the motorbike
Adrenaline pumpin', dreams of cash
Anybody tryin' to stop them's getting' lead in their face,
believe that
Black pack on his back ready for loot to fill
What a thrill they gonna be robbin' that booth for real

Doin' a crime, shakin' a dice, takin' a chance
You might get away or get locked for life
Doin' a crime, shakin' a dice, takin' a chance
You might get away or just lose your life

Helmets on racin' down route 4, Junior pushin' the bike, Ike
totin' the Mac
No time to be scared
"When we on 'em point it at 'em, tell 'em to fill the bag 'cos
we not getting' had"
By this time it's 5.30, rush hour's thick
So they weave through the cars, get to the toll booth quick
"It's a chick!"
He put it to her head and said, "It's a stick, fill the bag, big
bills, put the ones in my hands, we out!"
With the cops on their trail, dippin' and swervin', almost
crashed right into a rail
Sweatin' like hell, they're not even tryin' to see jail
'Cos they pulled the sting and robbed the toll booth for real
Jumior weavin' through the cars, speed the cops can't catch
But they're gainin' on 'em, Ike got a plan for that
Throw the ones in the air, all the cars hit the brakes
So they could get out and get some, the cops look dumb
Because they couldn't get through, people blocked the path
So Junior and Ike hit the west side fast
They got their gear stashed somewhere near the train, smooth
Ready to take the loot to the brain
Change their clothes, ditch the bike, Ike tripped in the trash
"Keep it movin', gotta get the loot to the lab"
Breathin' heavy, movin' quickly, situation's sticky
The whole mission was ill, they got away smooth for real
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