Recognise and Realise Lyrics

I spit lingo that's universal
Each verse'll convey Zimbabwe to Afghanistan in reversal
Burst through racial barriers, Capricorn through Sagittarius
From various areas mingle
Understood 'cos I'm bilingual
In every country K makin' the honey's jingle with what I
sprinkle on a single now
Throw a hand in the air and keep it high, symbolising the vibe
With sound that unifies humanity as family regardless of
I see black and white side by side with Swede and Japanese
Partyin' hardy to the rhythm
Displayin' universal unification has been risen, yeah

Recognize and realize
We all need peace

From NY to the most high, mountains of Bangladesh
Me and my clique we speak peace
But I believe we gots to unify my peeps first, then embrace the
world at it's worst
Through your town by the speed of sound
How can we work this, no prejudice
Debate amongst skin tones and origins, begin again
I'm sendin' 'em a memorandum, enough to inform 'em
Through jazz loops I warn 'em
We got to come together from the como estas to the arriverderci
I bet they felt me
Commercial or underground I bet the sound pounds
So clap your hands and give my man from the band a standing
ovation in every nation
We turn it out without a doubt
Shouts to the East coast, West, North and South
Rockin' the house without discrimination
Every nation under the groove, whether be African or Asian
Embracing the sound that makes the world get down
Provided for the masses from miles around
Find peace of mind and unwind with this rhyme given, combined
with rhythm
Makin' y'all refrain from sittin'
The place is here, get up out ya chair
To where no worries and party like ya just don't care
Music the universal language we all understanding
What it's aim is will forever entertain us
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