Caught Up in a Struggle Lyrics

Move with precision
Decisions to make, fakes to shake
Talk a good game but yo your stash ain't no wins
I'm in the biz of makin' it big
And express myself through jams that they even bop to in Japan
my man
Change for a dollar so I can make this call
Get my money correct 'cos I been broke too long
Gotta keep it legit, can't be locked for years
Find me a 9 to 5, blood sweat and tears
But can it work boss man
Smack the jerk for tryin' to jerk me
Thinkin' I can't see inconsistency in my currency
Now I'm back out on the street
Walking these dogs for ends meet, life's not sweet
But I still rock rhymes to beats
Put it together maybe we can make an explosion
But it takes time, record labels mess up your mind
You could press rewind and catch a dose one more time

Caught up in a struggle
You got me caught up in a struggle like that man
Caught up in a struggle
You got me caught up in a struggle like that like that
Gimme mine and I'll spark the chart like flint
Money spent back to start
Who wants parts of this
Crisp on compact disk, but don't you diss the vinyl mix
I got the hook up at the crib
That's my escape from this world today
Watch 'em blow up then deflate like a soufflé
I see it every day all day
I'm out for the gold, forget the silver and the bronze
Gotta make dough, send home to wifey and moms
Invest in real estate, computers and all this, plan's flawless
b**py roads, I'm ready
So all you fakers get jetty or get chopped up like confetti
I'm on a mission for this permanent position

On the bricks, scuffed up kicks, not a hint of dough
Lost my job, now I'm livin' like a slob
Replan regroup, gotta hook up with my make money troops
Two scoops of loops, studio, time to blow
Hip-hop scene flooded, everybody gettin' blunted
A&R's frontin', guess I gotta prove somethin'
Over percussion, Shabaam Sahdeeq rushin' like the Kremlin
Got MC's tremblin' in their lab, take a stab at me
Superior with word play
Stress overtakes the fakes everyday all day
Rugged like Broadway, no time for horseplay
In the struggle don't you lower your level
Gotta take charge like credit, need to start talkin' aesthetic
'Cos when you lose your chance you will regret it, get it
Lyrics embedded in your head like memories
Remember these Us3 melodies
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