I Go to Work Lyrics

Well it's me Hi-C and I'm about to wreck shop
I do damage when I rhyme so yo gimme nuff props
I go to work, I'm goin' beserk to dope beats
With strictly fly gear 'cos my style's unique
I'm trespassin'. All the girls heads that I'm gassin'
Fill her up son you'll get tipped for a job well done
I'm havin' fun, smooth sounds caress your eardrum
Flow 'cos I know mad styles and then some
Went to military school just like that movie Tap
So tip toe tap to my rap
Okay I know I'm bugged on the mic but I do what I like
Aye aye, I go pop just for you
I stay true to my people, where you at, where you at?
Let me hear ya say ho!
Yo that was crazy fat, bap-de-do-bap
Jazzy with the freaky words 'cos I'm toked up on a spliff

I have to say it felt great when I stepped to the plate
And I hit that home run just like a hall of fame great
I cast a spell like Merlin the magician
Brainstorm to the morn so relax and listen
I'm from Brooklyn fool so get the funk outta my face
Place all your bets on me 'cos I'm winnin' this race
I'm on top yes indeedy I took first prize
Do I see green with envy written 'cross your eyes
I hope not, 'cos this dope track's a sure shot
Us3 got my back and I pack a fat block
Nineteen I burst on the scene right quick
I'm out to make records and mad flicks
I'm slip slip slidin', I'm dip dip divin'
'Cos it's live in full effect and still it keeps climbin'
I'm a legend on the microphone, weak beat slayer
Bufferin' the talent all, I got you poppin' bayer
Step in to this boy you haven't got a prayer
I'm kickin' mad ballistics with the old school flavour
I love fly ladies and I love mad loot
They say love's gonna get ya but I don't give a hoot
'Cos it's time to get mine as I bust a fat rhyme
And like my man Dion says, these n****'s call me prime time
Fly the friendly skies I rise higher than the sun
I say peace to Zeke Love, my man who's getting' the job done
I'm a b-boy who don't play, comin' straight from the head
I strictly smoke the hay I stay away from the yea-o
And I'm out like shout I hope you like it a lot
It's full of flavour and good to the last drop
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