I'm Thinking About Your Body Lyrics

Oh baby I'm thinking about your body
Oh baby I'm thinking about your face
Pull up a seat let's have a drink and talk
How'd I find you outta all the women in New York
You walk and talk so refined, picture you being mine
I think it's time, but I don't wanna play mine
So I step to the rear just a little to see if you follow
Then I know it's a give and take situation
My time's very valuable, don't wanna waste it, but I can taste
Meaning that the future can hold a lot for us
Things we discuss make Dr Ruth blush, keep it hush
Put you on a pedestal, treat you like the queen you are
Never be too far apart from your heart


I can feel her in the party even though I don't see her
Her vibes and mine intertwine like locks
At the table I watch
She's gonna step in my vision, appear like a genie
Ready to grant my wishes
Future mother of my seeds indeed we must breed
And bring forth the cream of life with no fights
Last through the stormy weather, still together
'Til death us do part was in my heart from start
But then there's the pain you get before you gain
Hold on tight, don't wanna sleep alone tonight
She reflects my light, in she I see heaven
When making love I escape from hell on earth
Intoxicating, I fiend for the touch
Hush hush is how I keep it, she can't know I'm a lush
Thinks she knows what I like, reads my mind like a book
See I'm thinking 'bout her body 'cos she got me hooked
I'm thinking 'bout her body, curves make my vision blur
Her conversation got me intoxicated
Trippin' like b***y traps, she made my heart collapse
Perhaps this is not what I really need
Maybe I might be speedin', in her hands I'm feedin'
But moms raised no fool, keep it cool and don't drool
Is it mutual?
My head is filled with thoughts
How'd I find her outta all the women in New York?
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