Unspoken Definites Lyrics

Taunting the waves and toying with chances
Night and day and night
And I can't help it can we really help it
The thinning distance between you and me
This is the color of my silver lining made of gold
Here comes the storybook hero that I once was told of
And I roll away descend the pull of gravity
Insert denial here the things even the blind can see

I've got everything to lose
So why not lose it anyway
All I needed from you was to sing
What I had to say
Evasive I may seem it seems there is no need to hide such things
From you like un-disgusting the obvious
Tease the naked
Chase the jaded one

This is the time of the night when I pretend to sleep so sound
Riding a carousel too many times so roundabout
And I roll away and leave behind security
Fading in and out I wait for you to fall for me
Take me down the road
Of when you were younger
When you loved her so
All I needed from you was to sing

Forgive the child in your woman
Your woman is a child
If you know so much better
Then why you are here now?
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