Sugarcoats & Heartbeats Lyrics

Under weathered skies we stood our ground
You're my gravity that keeps me sound
But we let these seconds fade, our hands unnamed
And only tears do say the things we want in vain
I've been here before where words do fail
We tried to stay for more to wait for change
But nothing comes around the bend this time
Nothing we can call all mine.

Breathe lies of sugarcoats and heartbeats

look beyod the means and hows
and see through the reasons why
look for as many clues as you can find
because i need some ascension here

i see some pairs of hands reaching out
But its taking so much to begin my doubts
you might know where to take me
i need some ascension here
out of place
out of time
out of words
going out of her mind (2x)

I got blood on my hand
I tried to talk to myself
to figure out a plan
but here i am and i have
shapeshifted again
i'm willing to make some sort of compromise
but i used to take other people too nice
you might know where to begin
i need some ascension here

tell me hopeless is not a case
if the situation is off the phase
you might know where to take me
i need some ascension here
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