Parks Lyrics

Tonight we stand by the door
Waiting for amends
I've lived all this time for love
Tonight you come
With no suit and no suitcase in your hand
I couldn't wait until the day is done
I never thought that I would be the one
who could deal with so much waiting
I never count but look at me now,
I see the time I should be saving
O hasty patience help me get around,
tell me what I should be taking
Cause I've been setup in a situation
where I'm terribly mistaken
Tonight we look into the eyes
of the strangers we've become
With that we lift the weight of time
Tonight we say the words
that are due to each other
Can you pretend like you lived one life for my love?
Thought I was tough to never care enough
about what everybody's sayin'
Waiting on the world to take you away
while I remain in where I'm staying
O hasty patience help me let it out,
don't like the way that I'm behaving
Thought I was right but look at us now
cause we are terribly mistaken
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