Maybe Lyrics

maybe i should sleep it off
maybe i should let loose
when i see for myself that
i can't take it anymore
i just runaway
maybe, maybe, maybe
maybe, maybe, maybe
and when i've come so far
from where i used to be
and i see you standing there
see you standing there
i start to want you here with me
maybe, maybe, maybe
maybe yes or no
should i stay or should i go
maybe, maybe, maybe
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Fragmented (2006)
Layag Maybe Lazy Daisy We Give in Sometimes Oo Fragmented June Sleeptalk Pag-Agos Broken Mirrors and Screaming Turtles Malikmata The World Is Our Playground and We Will Always Be Home Oo (Fragmented version) Hiwaga Lazy Daisy (Ascolto version)