The Burning Twillight Lyrics

The Past Was A History
Where Thy Horde Pride Defeated
As I Sharpened My Dagger,
Thy Shield Shineth...
The Blood Of The Deceased One
Be The Fuel To Our Fury
And The Infinite Hell-Fire
Be The Wrath & Strength In Us!!!

Curse Be Upon Them...
We Seek To Revenge & Redeem
Our Pride & Honour

Death & Dusk Be Thy Eyes
For The One That Seek For Lies
We Shall Blaze Inferno Upon This Earth
Rust & Dust Be Their Souls

Crushed By The Storm....
Crush By The Storm...
Feared By Our Fury...
Thus The Victory Is Ours

Istidrajian Storms Of Wrath...
Vengeance Of The Satanic Warriorz
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Blasphemous Ritual (2006)