Blackstorm Lyrics

Born Of The Blasphemous Fire
Flesh Of The Burning Stone,
Strength Of Steel....
Sworn To Brought Profane Arts
As Dajjal Spawn Forth The Fiery Abyss
To Penetrate The Forces Of Evil
& Summon Forth His Demonic Legions
To Fought The Endless Battle Of Armageddon

As The Skies Turns Black
The Sun Turns Red As Blood
The Earth Wreck In A Havoc Disaster
The Storm Of Ancient Evil

Awaken The Beast Of d***ation
Dajjal Emerged Forth The Abyss
To Proclaim The Throne Of Evil
& Pledged Vengeance Against The Enemies
The Dead Were Summon, A Call To Manipulate The Pious...
Thus March Forth The Infidels To Reign In The Throne Of Hell, As The Battle
Between Good & Evil Rages On...

God Of Heaven,Awaits The Retaliation Of The Fallen Angel
& This Will Be Your Death

The Storm Of Ancient Evil
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Blasphemous Ritual (2006)