Morbid Blasphemic c**t Lyrics


Wrath From Above & Below
Thundering Inferno Towards The Dark Battlefield...
Prepare For Retribution Of Lord Satan
Extermination Of The Inferior
As I Rise To The Highest Battle Order
Thy Satanic Will-Power

Morbid Blasphemic c**t
Behold The Holy Kingdom
Be Prepare For Our Annihilation
As We Crush The God Of Heaven
& Unite The Heathens Souls
To Bring Forth Total Destruction On Earth

War, Darkness, Hate
Thy Satanic Wrath

Morbid Blasphemic c**t
Awaits The Return Of The Fallen Warriors
Forth Hell....
And This Will Be Your Eternal Death

Morbid Blasphemic c**t
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Blasphemous Ritual (2006)