Blackened Prophecy of Doom Lyrics

Hails Demonic Possession!
In The Name Of The Horned Divine
Spawn Forth To Bring Mass Destruction To This Earth...
For Thy Name Is Dajjal, The Black Messiah

Thy Demonic Will (The Way Of The Inverted)
The End Of Eternal
The Return Of Thy Jahilian c**t
As Endless Massacre Rages On
End Up In Total Carnage
As I Watch The Earth Decay
Disastrous Hell-Fire Blazes The Earth
As Darkness Enshroud The Earth
Fearful Mortals Run In Fear
An Impending Doom, A Horrific Sign
Of What Sinister Evil Dawning

"O" Ye All Mortals, Behold!
I Am The Ultimate Spawn
Of The Firstborn Evil
Thru Centuries Of Unseen Existence
Come Forth Embrace My Wrath
For I Shalt Torment Your Soul Till Eternity....
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Blasphemous Ritual (2006)