Bidadari Desekration Lyrics

Bidadari Desekration

Day Of Darkness Unveil An Unholy Prophecy
Black Mist Enshroud The Darkened Skies
Black Fire Ablaze The White Gate
Grave Desekrators Set To Invade The Sacred Graveyard.....
Beheading The Sculpture Head Of The Angels
crushing The Crucifixion
p*** On The Burial Ground
Robbing The Tombstones
A Blasphemous Deed,
Evil Prevails
Conjuring The Evil Forces
Sodomizing The Holy Angel
Destroying The Light Of Falseness
Leaving The Headless Grave Rotting In Filthy Bowels & Maggots

Bidadari Desekration
An Unholy Act Of The d***ed One...
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Blasphemous Ritual (2006)