Spawn Forth... Inferno Lyrics

Spawn Forth... Inferno

Blazing Storm Towards The Horizon
Thundering Skies Cast The Earth
Arise From The Depth Of Abyss
Strike With A Vengeance In Hand
As I Conjure The Forces Of Darkness
To Bestow Their Infernal Power On Me

In Nomine Dei Nostri Sathanas!!!
Ave The Luciferian War-Goat!!!

Darkness Gather Before Me
Oh! Ye Death Defiant
And Earth Shall Be Thine
I Raise Thy Wrath
That Ye Shall fear
For I Shall Conquer This Earth
In Power Of Exalted Above & Below
For They Shall Fear Thy Wrath
For I Shall Walk On Earth
With Feet On Fire,
I Turn This Earth Into A Blazing Lake Of Fire..
Awaiting The Transgressor
For I Am The Advesary Of Light
& Denounced The Holy Book Of Lies

Fear The Demonic Horde Of Satanic Empire Riding In Their Baphometian
Raising Their Battle-Sword
To Prepare For The Final War
To Reign In The Eternal Dark-Throne
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Blasphemous Ritual (2006)