Slave Lyrics

Habits of the lemmings die hard
Patterns of obsession go far
Digging ditches so they never see the stars
Now all them lessons learned get buried in the yard
And ways of the weapon bombard
Building mountains of them body bags large
Rubbernecking while collision greet your car
And you may know your name but don't know who or what you are
You're a slave

Poised to drink that Kool-Aid suicide
Follow don't get left behind
Don't think, better do just what they certify
You that servant, never choose a side
Vassal of the modern times
And when it all blows up you duck your head and hide
You out there searching for that silver line
But sweat has covered up the signs
Now that fortune came, but it's gone and it passed you by
You plucked your feathers, now you wonder why
You can't lift yourself and fly
Well in the middle of an ocean no one's hands are dry
If that tree fall does it make a sound
Can the world stall from the runaround
Can a mind think if it's in a crowd
Can a soul search if it's never found
And can a thing grow when you cut it down
Can we all find peace in the here and now
You can crawl through the mud with your hands bound
But I'll get plenty of that dirt when I'm underground

You're a slave
You're a slave
You're a slave
And this a slave ship
This a slave ship
Shackled in those chains, whipped
Pushed until you break, fixed
Back into the game quick
March along the pavement
Earn that meager wage, spit
Do just what they say, skip
Work until the pain splits
Let the haze lift
Pull yourself out of that grave pit
And consider how you became sick
All that labor brought you nothing but your bones sore
All that devotion led to nothing but the sweat pours
And now they want more
Own you to the core
Well I don't make laws
But I am not yours
And this a mob call
Let them bricks fall
If you want freedom then just take it, what you waiting for
Don't let your masters tell you this is how it's done
Don't let the wicked fool you, this is how the war is won
That mayhem can't continue if the noble don't succumb
That forest on fire pave the way to what becomes
They tell you disregard the doubts that creeps across your mind
They tell you there is simply nothing more for you to find
They tell you time to wake up and get back into the line
These pyramids don't build themselves, now go resume the grind
I tell 'em I don't follow in the footsteps of insane
I tell 'em I don't trail along a path with no terrain
I tell 'em you can work the fields and bask in all your grain
But for one don't live to work, I will not live in vain
You're a slave
And this a slave ship

This twisted c**ture got you feeding from it's hand
But you will lose that food if you don't meet all their demands
And loyal is the soldier that gets slaughtered with the lambs
Examining the blueprints got you questioning the plans
And if a man fall, does it make a sound
Will the world stall, from the runaround
Does a mind think, when it in a crowd
How can a soul search, if it's never found
And can a thing breathe if it's always being drowned
Can the leaders of the lost forever disavow
And you can stare at the sky while you on the ground
But I'm a wait until I die to take it lying down
This a mob call, let them bricks fall
This a mob call, now let them bricks fall
This a mob call, let them bricks fall
If you want freedom then just take it
What you waiting for?
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