I Can Get It Back Lyrics

I see a ghost in a photograph
I feel that wave come up under me
I see myself in that other half
I feel that pain pull me underneath
I see the times that we'll never have
I hear the sighs of content we'd breathe
I feel the smile that I wish I had
But all these moments are projections of the past
Cuz a part of me died and a liveliness was lost when you passed
And a light in me dimmed as a certainty was slipping through my grasp
Now I'm picking up the pieces getting cut open by shards of broken glass
Well how long can this last
Missing is that purpose in my life but I can get it back

This isn't gone
I can get it back

I see no soul in the mirror
Only see signs of demise getting nearer
"Time heals wounds" is absurd as a theorem
But I can see above the sky's getting clearer
And though despair of things before will never leave
Although our past mistakes can never be retrieved
Way out in the distance is a vessel on the seas
And I'm a set a heading toward the sun, cuz I believe that I can get it back
All that hope and that joy
That trust and that care
Those dreams of a boy, I can get it back
All that love and that worth
That touch of a flare
That feel of the earth, I can get it back
That drive to extreme
That confidence to lead
That willingness to bleed, I will get it back
Reassembled when I'm done
Depression on the run as I come beating on these drums
This isn't gone
I can get it back
Battles with the mind and the timid stand off
Slightest bit of pain and those tender folk scoff
Choose the destination but that bridge must be crossed
Guess the bottom line is we're cut from different cloths
Borders they divide but I'm inclined to cut across
Reach the outer limits then I cut away my loss
Continue toward the goal in sight no matter what the cost
Emboldened by this chance, I'm not afraid to get lost
Cuz now I'm pushing forward and nobody dare oppose
Now I'm moving faster while that ticking clock slows
And now I'm climbing higher like the ground can't hold
So I don't plan on stopping when this summit plateaus
I'm that invasion of the body by the soul
Sickened from the cold but soon a certified whole
Never one to fight but I just hit it on the nose
It took my spirit, but I got it back, case closed
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