Greeting the Menace Lyrics

Evil on the mind and blood splatter in the air
Lying on the pavement beating in despair
Cruel were the blows as they battered and impaired
He was shown no sympathy and he wouldn't be spared
And all the townspeople were gathered and stood there
Watched the punishment get delivered with no care
But when he looked around at the faces that all stared
He saw his own face, that's when he became scared
Greet the menace

He awoke from the clock tower chime
Heart thud like a cannon on the line
Vivid echoes of the dream on his mind
This week the 3rd of its kind
Now his bottles of meds will conceal
But wounds left open are harder to be healed
And though some case files are better if left sealed
Unless he take them pills insomnia won't yield
Well no rest for the wicked
Such is the fruit of a life with no limit
Ghosts of the past always tend to revisit
And rarely will they come bearing gifts of forgiveness
And from the streets to the wars, so much violence he made
As he grew in age he began to follow different ways
Hounded by the haunted memories from the days that
He was detrimental, man he wished that he could change that
But one can never really leave what's behind
You can't undo the fate you've designed
Cover up the tracks and bloodhounds will find
Cuz all debts owed get paid in due time
Evil on the mind and blood splatter in the air
Gag in his mouth he was strapped to a chair
Hood on his head when lifted a face stared
He was looking at himself, that's when he became scared
Cruel were the blows that battered and impaired
Fading from the world and beaten to despair
Beyond all hope and clinging to one prayer
Let him soon pass out from the pain and be spared

But the pain kept coming
Weak from the rivers of blood that kept running
And fain from the image uncovered in front of him
He knew it, the angel of death he'd confronted
Aint no mercy in that self combat
Foot to his chest it tipped his chair back
Cuz this tormentor was eager to give more
Put a cloth to his face, to follow the water poured

Then he awoke with a cough and a heave
His heart pound like cannons in mid siege
Vivid echoes of his terrified screams
Guess nothing ever just is what it seems
Then he noticed his clothes were soaked clean
Sheets on his bed were drenched to extreme
But this time around he knew it was no dream
From the smell he could tell he was covered in gasoline
And in the corner by the door was a man
Cloaked in the shadow with a cigarette in hand
With no words spoken and motive and clear plan
Well all's fair and karma's a b****, law of the land
Till then he had averted but with homicide certain
And that guilt inside him hurting, he concluded with the verdict
If this is what it takes to serve as my life's penance
Bring on that inferno, I'm ready to greet the menace
Evil on the mind and burnt skin in the air
Smoke fill his lungs as he breathe in despair
Devil on his shoulder in snickered with no care
This a one way journey without hope or a prayer
Fading from the world and thinking don't be scared
Let it all go, get ready be prepared
As he looked through he blaze at the body that stood there
He saw his own self in them eyes that just glared

Greet the menace
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