Finding Home Lyrics

I won't return
So don't wait for me
Cuz I won't find peace
Until I find home
I ain't never walk a mile in nobody else's shoes
I don't really know why some do the things they do
But I can understand what so many have been through
I can feel the urge to belong to something new
And I don't want to listen to another sad story
Don't want to be deceived with tales of false glory
And all these legends in they own mind bore me
I'm not distracted by the glitz that's before me
I can see the discontent that plagues you
I can feel the stress that moves to break you
I can sense the dread that overtakes you
And I can hear the chains that bind and claim you
But something isn't right with the hamster on the wheel
Day has turned to night now the servant won't kneel
Peasants want to fight, they refusing to yield
What the devil's going on, can anyone reveal
Though I don't have the faintest idea why people even here
I don't believe it has to do with salaries per year
I don't believe humanity is floating on a sphere
So that you can wait to live until retirement appears
And I'm just talking straight as I can steer
Society a bunch of crazy b******s over here
So puppets and your masters you can find me over there
Where I'll be patient waiting for your madness to clear
I won't return
So don't wait for me
Cuz I won't find peace
Until I find home

I ain't never had to lose what I got
But everything I have is from refusing to stop
And I am not a fool though I duel with a fox
I remain immune to the ruse that he plot
And I'm one confused by the sight of a loved one remain in estranged from their life
When a husband puts his hands to his wife
Though he feels his own worth slip with every strike
And a truth will incite so I'm told
And the wars in my sight will grow old
And it's painful reflects on my soul
But my high hopes scream to an empty sky
No this not a lullaby, ya'll follow while I go
To a world full of men void of holes
To a place where MP's don't patrol
And to a time where no values are sold
There's no regime change cuz they conquer by divide
And the heroes of our day have died and washed up in the tide
Those who prayed for change have found their hope got left behind
Cuz money's greener than that grass that's on the other side
So I ride the hate of men
Let 'em play pretend
Push and shove and when they let their killing games begin
Take a step outside and watch without it getting in
And look to find a home that I can settle here within
I won't return
So don't wait for me
Cuz I won't find peace
Until I find home
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