Waiting Between Worlds Lyrics

She was alone in a bathroom
Eyes fixed like a statue
Wrists soar and her face bruised
She just waiting for more bad news
Now she's white like a full moon
As she can't bear what the test proves
At a crossroads, need a rescue
Cuz what she gonna do
Hold on
She's waiting between worlds
Wish she could tell 'em hold on
I'm waiting between worlds

He was looking at a pale sun rise
Thinking back on the time gone by
How he loved and he laughed and he cried
How it all was a blink of an eye
Now he's looking at the shake in his hand
Thinking how much more of life can he stand
And how many years can he cram
Before his fate gives way and he's ash in the sand
And is it the last stop on the road
Or the next step in a path grand and unknown
A milestone formed from the fruits of his ways
Okay in what comes with the end of his days
But the sun's rays shine on a face so divine
"An angel of mine" goes the phrase in his mind
Wise to the signs, knowing soon is the time
But he isn't ready to say goodbye

Hold on
He's waiting between worlds
Wish he could tell 'em hold on
I'm waiting between worlds
4 AM when she woke to the sound
Walked to the door in her bedtime gown
Policeman said that her son's been found
He was shot in the head near a club downtown
And the terror in her heart was profound
Her legs broke down, she collapsed to the ground
As the walls were spinning all around
He said "ma'am please you need to come right now"
So she's sitting down dazed in a cop car
Swerving through lanes in a maze where the crazed are
And locked in a haze from the shock
Thoughts frayed as they stop with here stomach in knots
"Lord please end the nightmare"
Are the words in her mind as they raced inside
"Lord please end the nightmare"
In the hospital ward in the eye of the storm
"Miss, I regret to say
There's not much hope I can give today
The a**ault took much of his brain away
We've done all we can but his state is grave
Best case here is he'll live on machines
With a vegetable quality of life foreseen
Or instead we can pull out the feed
Let him live his last moments and he'll pass in a dream"
Hold on
We're waiting between worlds
Wish she could tell 'em hold on
We're waiting between worlds

Waiting between worlds that divide through a choice undefined
A break in the line where all paths intertwine
And no roads lead or progress behind
And all signs read: "Know The Way. Decide."
They say all things never truly die
But change in existence and switch design
Like a drain to an ocean in which we're blind
We remain set in motion from worlds combined
So if I had one thought that would last and hold
Amass and fold over as it fastly grows
And fuse into life like a fabric sewn
Clasp the vast field whence existence flows
I'd say settle down, of your grief let go
This world's nothing more than a magic show
Though tragic at times and encased in woe
It all works out, of this truth I know
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