Was It Love Lyrics

Now this is the story of a sensitive nice guy
Who met a young woman even though he was quite shy
She had pretty eyes and original style
And a cute little face with a beautiful smile
They met up and had chicken tandoori
Walked around town til they both got h****
Went back to her place had a few drinks
And made love for three straight days I think, but anyway
She was happy he was happy as well
And they both felt the feeling that nobody can help
It was love and it was beautiful for all that it was
Had em both on a buzz like taking a drug
So they decided that this was great
They both became close and they found a place
He bought the bed she bought the plates
And they both lived together and they shared the s***e, but

Was it love?
What is love?

Well okay, everything was going as planned
She cooked an egg, he'd wash the pan
They made love like freaks for weeks
And told each other secrets while under the sheets
She was glad that he told the truth
Cos her last boyfriend was a nincompoop
And he loved how she always kept it real
She was his best friend but with s** appeal
Anyway a year later things were cool
He worked a job she went to school
But one day while walking to class
She met a grad student who was studying maths
She couldn't help but find him cute
He had ambition and a three-piece suit
She looked up his email and played it mute
Because her boyfriend at home couldn't handle the truth, but
Was it love?
What is love?
A month later she feels suffocated
She just graduated and she just can't take it
She's already going out on dates
Telling him that she's staying at her girlfriends place
But Mr math grad student's a joke
He's all about drinking and sniffing up c**e
She doesn't want her loyal boyfriend to jet
But she still doesn't want to settle down quite yet
But then her boyfriend sees the light
And he goes with all the fly women he likes
She gets jealous but it's too late
Cos every day of the week he's got a new date
And both lovers are now distressed
Cos they get so jealous when the other has s**
They want to find happiness but it's complex
They don't want to live with any regrets
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