Get Busy Lyrics

I know you'll never know the feeling that I'm feeling
A black jew trying to break through the glass ceiling
Light-skinned rapper with a lot of ambition
Making black music for the people that'll listen
Isn't it a novelty an anomaly
You paid for a ticket you can listen to the oddity's virtuosity
When I'm rocking the mic
My pocket's are light but still I'm provocative, right?
Hey don't try to tell me that my style ain't tight
My rhythm enlightens other rappers and it just ain't right
That I get more drama than the next MC
Cos I'm not the average rapper up on MTV
So, you wanna put me to the test?
Let's show the people who's really the best
I don't wanna battle you but if you insist
We can do this without written raps to spit
And just...

Get busy
Cos I don't stop when I rock the spot

Who's to say who's better or worse
And who's got the cleverest verse that's never rehearsed
Who deserves the prize get ready to work
Cos you can't win a battle with competitive words
Why does everybody wanna step to me
You best believe I'm never gonna rest in peace
We got the crowd acting as the referee
And they clap for whoever is the best MC
But who are they to judge our craft?
Maybe they just clap cos you're making them laugh
And is that the real test of a dope MC?
What about rhymes and rhythms over this here beat?
Cos I'm ready to get it and set it in motion like the ocean
Into the commotion that's hidden in rhythm and hocus pocus
I'm gone I got a song, sing it along and you can feel it
The lyrics appear and disappear as if it was a spirit as I
Get busy
Cos I don't stop when I rock the spot
I don't wanna stop what I'm doing
I just wanna rock to the music
But we got a lot of confusion
And we're getting lost into music
If I had a wish I would use it
But I've only got an illusion
I can only find what I'm losing
And I'm getting lost into music
Listen to all these thoughts and concepts
I speak the truth but the truth's too complex for you to grasp
And I can't explain it
I'm just a man even if I'm famous
What does it mean to be respected
When we are not truly perceptive
Live for today and gone tomorrow
Choose the direction you can follow
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